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Therapeutic Laser Therapy on a dog

Less than 1% of Veterinary Practices offer Therapeutic Laser Therapy (TLT) and Animal Medical Center was one of the first in this region.

It’s been nothing short of amazing! 

TLT reduces pain, swelling, & inflammation, causes the animal’s endorphins to be released and kills harmful surface bacteria, fungi or yeast. Not only does it heal, but TLT causes relaxation as the animal receives warm, soothing, penetrating light from the unit.

Pain can be exhausting and stressful for animals just like people. We can help and it’s drug free!

Regenerative Medicine Therapy

AMC is also one of a handful of veterinary practices in NE Oklahoma that offer regenerative medicine therapy, a nonsurgical therapy for injured or damaged soft tissue and joints.

Veterinary regenerative medicine involves collecting the body’s naturally occurring healing cells and molecules, concentrating them, then returning them to the location where they are needed most to accelerate repair. Currently, the most popular regenerative medicine techniques is the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell therapy (MSC) for dogs.

These therapies can be used to reduce pain and inflammation in arthritic or otherwise injured joints, or to heal damaged muscle, ligaments, and tendons. Dr G is very pleased with the results utilizing PRP, in this practice. Call for more details.

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