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There are very few practices with such diversity as Animal Medical Center. Dr. Gilsleider pioneered corrective leg surgeries for ostriches and emus and has taught these techniques both in the United States and abroad. He is also the veterinarian on call for the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.

Did you know he raises kangaroos and wallabies?

From carnivores and mice to rhinos and elephants, there is not an exotic too small or too large for him handle! The capabilities of Dr. Gilsleider and his staff, along with the facilities and technology to care for these creatures may be unmatched.

The same services offered for large and small animals are available for exotic animals. In fact, the technology Animal Medical Center offers is perfect for examinations, diagnosis and treatment of exotics.

Animal Medical Center offers digital radiography, diagnostic ultrasonography and in house laboratories for your exotic pets. Laser and ultrasonic scalpel surgeries ensure greatly reduced pain, swelling and bleeding. Our class IV therapeutic laser is an awesome tool for reducing pain, swelling, inflammation and disease. The results are simply amazing! Respiratory, cardiac and pulse oximetry levels are very important when anesthesia is administered, Dr. Gilsleider monitors these during surgery.

Animal Medical Center offers on site visits for those animals that cannot be transported to the veterinary hospital.

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