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Veterinarian with Dog

Small Animal

Your Furry Family

At Animal Medical Center we understand that companion animals are more than just pets. So, when it comes to the diagnosis and treatment of sickness, disease and injury in dogs, cats, rabbits, caged birds, or other small pets, our team is here for you.

Whether it’s providing day to day wellness care, ensuring their safety during boarding, giving routine vaccinations, drawing blood, prescribing medications, evaluating and suturing wounds, performing surgeries (such as spay/neuter procedures), performing post-surgical follow-up exams, or cleaning teeth, our goal is to provide your companions with veterinary medical care that leads to happy, healthy lives.


As always at Animal Medical Center we commit to using the most advanced, state of the art technology when monitoring the reproductive health of breeding animals, assisting with problem births, and taking x-rays. That is why our motto is "Big City Care... Right Here At Home."

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